About Us

LUXACHROME’s 2012 product launch has been in development for the past two years. The brainchild of Mary Giuseffi, CEO and creator, LUXACHROME integrates her color expertise and knowledge with her innate sense of style and vast experience in the luxury market.

For the past eight years Mary has been consulting with clients worldwide on the emotional affects of color and implementing strategies for personal and career success. She has developed her own ChromaZone analysis that offers insight into the ways color can be used to affect an audience, an environment and a personality, receiving national media coverage and accolades globally for this work. After nearly a decade of success in translating the effects of color for branding purposes, she has expanded her color reach beyond fashion and form to creating entire environments for her clients providing the opportunity to live in the luxury of color.

Meet our CEO, Mary Guiseffi

LUXACHROME’s exclusive HyperReal formulation has been developed by Acrylux Paint, a fifty year old privately owned company based in Florida, known for creating superior quality eco-friendly water based paint products. Acrylux and LUXACHROME share more than a commitment for providing the very best domestically created paint. Mary is a shareholder and Director of this half century highly respected family owned business.

Located in Palm Beach County, LUXACHROME and LUXACHROME i are available through selected Industry Professionals and by order at luxachrome.com.