Trade Professionals

Commitment to our Clients

As purveyors of luxury goods and services we understand the nuances of style and preference and the importance of providing excellence in every aspect of the client relationship. This desire and ability to live a luxe life sets our clients apart from those with less discriminating palettes and sensibilities. For our clients, every aspect of full immersion into luxury experience requires we go above and beyond the ordinary by providing extraordinary service, product performance and quality, and caring. Yes, we are committed to provide an exquisite experience for our buyers which will stand the test of time and enhance their everyday life. We provide the canvas upon which our clients elect to live their life as art. We offer the opportunity to live an inspired life. We celebrate their unique place in the universe and respect their ability to choose their best life.

LUXACHROME Luxury Paint truly understands the needs and desires of the luxury buyer. We understand that customer satisfaction comes from creating relationships and offering a fulfilling and enjoyable buying experience. We rely upon our intuition, expertise and product knowledge so that we can anticipate the needs and vision of our clients and for this reason, we gain their trust and secure their business and loyalty. We walk the walk, talk the talk , deliver the goods and stand behind our product just like you do. We respect and appreciate your sharing your clients with us. We will offer them the same commitment to quality.

Referral Program

We believe you, our fellow luxe providers, deserve to be rewarded for your commitment to being a cut above the rest in your field. We appreciate your trusting your clients with our product and are committed to offer your clients the same personal touch and excellence in the area of color that you provide in your area of expertise. We welcome industry professionals to our referral program and look forward to sharing our “To the Trade” pricing and commission structure.