West by Southwest Collection

Sacred Sonoran Mystical Roughhewn

A retreat to the mountains grounds us in the permanence of our earthscape amid the sanctity of nature’s Painted Deserts. It is here that we assume our place in what is truly real and elemental. Far from the virtual world, we relish in ancient and tangible living history, becoming immersed in the smell, sound and touch of our roots. The West by Southwest Collection embodies our pioneer spirit and indigenous cultures. It offers a celebration of rich earthy reds and oranges ablaze in the setting sun, against hues of igneous rock, brilliant aqua and amethyst skies.

The West By South West Collection by LUXACHROME

Agape Grape 1406

Agape Grape

Ancient Bristlecone 1402

Ancient Bristlecone

El Capitain Carmelian 1409

El Capitain Carmelian

Georgias Petunia 1404

Georgia’s Petunia

/Granite 1403


Ianthine Sky 1405

Ianthine Sky

Kachina Women 1410

Kachina Women

Obsidian 1401


Prickley Pear 1413

Prickley Pear

Sedona Scarlet 1411

Sedona Scarlet

Shamanic Voices 1407

Shamanic Voices

Silvery Moon 1415

Silvery Moon

Thunderhead 1414


Quality Commitment
  • 100% Made in the USA Acrylic Paint
  • All ingredients meet the highest quality standards and are domestically sourced.
  • We are a green company providing an eco-friendly Low VOC product.
  • Each gallon is hand crafted and inspected to assure color matching and grade satisfaction.
  • We offer single batch preparation. We do not stock paint.Your order is processed individually and created to meet your individual specifications. We offer the freshest paint available.
  • HyperReal Technology tm provides density of color and strength of pigment which provides great coverage and durability. Our product is fade resistant and contains a built in primer.
  • Our paint stands the test of time and offers a value added experience. With proper application,LUXACHROME lasts longer than other paint and becomes the most cost effective paint product on the market. White glove delivery service or UPS delivery is available.